relatable posts daily?
  • Investigator: Time of death, 4:20
  • Police officers: ayyyy
  • Investigator: ayyyy
  • Corpse: ayyyy lmao


my hobbies include looking at text posts and wondering how i didn’t think of them first


What if everyone’s parents start getting tumblr like they did with Facebook


Happy mama
Anonymous: I'm sure you have lovely nipples, darling, you shouldn't hesitate to show them off. 


Anonymous: Mm, I'll be your hero if you agree to wear those panties and nothing else for me. 


Anonymous: It would be so sexy if you showed as much skin as possible without exposing yourself =P 

That’s a fun one

Anonymous: One day I'll kiss you again. 

Again? So you already have?
Well sounds like you enjoyed yourself. So I’m glad for that.